Hi dingos. I need to declutter all of my major brewing equipment before I move to Europe. Please see the FB post on the BUZZ page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/buzzbrewclub/) for pics. All of the prices are negotiable.

60 qt aluminum stock pot ($30)
immersion chiller ($10)
10 gal Igloo mashtun + dome false-bottom + stainless spigot + Blichmann therm. (all "like new", constructed last fall, $120)
fryer + propane + regulator ($30)
2 remaining carboys ($15 each)
2 reg brew buckets, 2 bottling buckets ($5 each)
hand wine corker ($15)
2L flask ($10)
Sankey tap/ball-lock converter ($15)

The following is not ready to be sold (still in use) but if you want to claim it for when my beer runs out, you can:

kegerator + tower w/ two taps + 2 bevs lines and ball-lock quick disconnects ($100, note: temp control for it is an Arduino that will be repurposed so it will need a replacement temp control)
CO2 + dual regulator + two gas lines with ball-lock quick disconnects ($50)
3 ball-lock corny kegs ($40 each, not pictured you know what they look like)

On top of all of this I've got lots of various grains (both base and adjunct) and other ingredients that you can have for whatever you're willing to pay for it (even free, although I might make you take some acidulated malt off my hands as a "fee").

Send me an email (barleyrat@gmail.com) or a text (5013397100) to inquire about any of the stuff.