Hi everyone,

Lyle is currently cleaning out his closet and has some stuff for sale:

  • 6 ball lock kegs and several gasket kits. All held pressure last time they were used and were cleaned since they were emptied. $15 each
  • 10 gallon mash tun. Igloo cooler with false bottom. $15
  • 50 ft copper chill coil and 15 ft half inch copper chill coil, used in an ice bath to pre chill water during summer. $40
  • Counter pressure bottle filler. $10
  • 6 Various glass carboys- 2@3, 2@5, 2@6 gal. $10 each
  • Maltmill 10 inch grain mill. Base, top, and funnel hopper. Is not but can be motorized. Operated with a heavy duty 3/8 chuck electric drill. $50
  • 4 - 4 inch stainless tap shanks and taps $3 each
  • 4 inch plastic shank(good for soda) with tap $3

You can reach him at lamacher (AT) sbcglobal.net