Email from Jackson:

Hello BUZZards.

If you've wanted to let the world know about your enthusiasm for brewing beer or for birds of prey, now is your chance! We are going to be placing an order for shirts in the near future.

You have two options: a short-sleeve cotton t-shirt, or a button-up short-sleeve industrial work shirt. Order one, order both, or order none (what do I care). Estimated cost for tees are $8 a pop, and for the work shirts, $30. Please indicate what you would like to order in the following google form:

In that form you have the option of choosing what logo should go on what, as well as if you have a preferred color. We'll go with that the majority of people say on this. If most people say that they don't like the current logos, we can have one designed, but that will take extra time and headache so have something in mind if you indicate that.

If you are interested, fill out the form before the next club meeting.