1. Dues - $10 by December
  2. Appreciation workday for Triptych – We will try this again on a different day of the week and see if we get more people.
  3. Brewoff – Moved to the summer.
  4. Club Officers: The Election results are as foll0ws:
    a. President – Tim Bossenbroek
    b. Vice-President – Anthony Benjamin
    c. Treasurer – Greg Alsteter
    d. Secretary – Lyle Amacher
  5. Library Cart – Dennis volunteered to build a cart
  6. Club Activities - mid-month happy hour: Thursday, September 17 @ Crane Alley
  7. Style of the month ($30 for materials):
    a. We had a great presentation by John Cook on Pale Bitter European Lagers
    b. October: Mead / Cider: Mattox Beckman
    c. November: Double IPA – Greg Alsteter
    d. December: European Sour Ale (Berliner Weisse, Flanders Red, Oud Bruin): Timothy Pavlowski
  8. Next Meeting: Thursday, October 1