Buzz meeting Notes: 9/6/2018

1) Thanks to those who volunteered to maintain their positions within the club and Congratulations to the newly elected officers. We look forward to another successful year. We are still looking for someone to take the competition Coordinator position.
a. President: Tim Shilling
b. Vice President: Adam Smith – Newly elected
c. Secretary: Eric Bushell – Newly elected
d. Treasurer: Mattox Beckman
e. Cooper: Bryan Antoniuk – Newly elected
f. Competition Coordinator:

2) Dues – Mattox will be working on setting up an account through PayPal just for this and other future purchases for the club (glassware, competitions, etc.). The dues will be $10 again this year. Once the account is set up, a link will be emailed/added to the forum. Please pay this as soon as possible, as we have to purchase insurance again and we need a proper head count.

3) Shirt order and logo – Order through the form Jackson sent out. Deadline has been pushed back until Midnight on Saturday night to allow anyone who wasn’t at the meeting a fair chance. Also, once the logo has been decided, Eric will take it and order the tasting glasses that we decided on a few meetings ago.

4) Grain Buy – Tim S. is in contact with Luke at Triptych. Will send out an email/forum post when he gets back from vacation.

5) Girls Pint Out BUZZ Brew – 9 am Saturday, 15 Sept, at 25oC. Arrive on time ready to brew (grains milled etc.) so you can be done by 3. The style that will be brewed is the classic Extra Special Bitters. It should be a good time to discuss beer types and styles with the GPO girls and hopefully spark some interest in joining our club as well. If you still want to participate contact Jackson ASAP

6) Competition Financial Report – $782 income, $690 expenses = $92 profit. Overall a successful event, and we look forward to next year!

7) Judging Class – We will be getting the emails and classes up and running again soon. Our new Vice president, Adam, intends to get the ball rolling in the next month or two.

Land Locked Hops Harvest - Occurred Sat 8/25 morning/afternoon. Good turnout from the club, 5 members. It was interesting to watch, smell and experience hops harvesting. Thanks to LLH and Ross for inviting us. There were examples of the pelletized final product brought to the meeting and if anyone is interested in purchasing some, please contact Tim S.

9) Free Fresh Hops - Eric has been in contact with another local farmer about some hops he has been growing wildly for 5 years or so. In the past two years he has put poles up and the hops are growing large and healthy. He is offering a free pound of hops to anyone who is interested in brewing with them. The only catch being he would like detailed information on how the hops were used and what flavors they create in the brews. He’s curious whether to keep growing this variety or to uproot and plant new varieties next year. We will have something posted in the forum soon to gauge interest, as the hops will be harvested in the coming weeks.

10) Happy hour – Will be held at Riggs Beer Company on Thursday September 20th (not the 19th like originally talked about) for the seasonal release of their Oktoberfest.

11) Future meetings – all at 7:00 pm
a. October 4: Triptych – Mead
b. November 1: Riggs – GPO – BUZZ brew tasting
c. December 6: Riggs
d. January 17: TBD (maybe Attie’s Bar & Grill)

12) Kettle Sour Presentation: Brian Antoniuk brought two examples of his own version of a Berliner Weiss (one fruited and one not), as well as several commercial examples. He had several tips on how to not contaminate all of your plastic pieces and other interesting concepts for trying your own Kettle Sours.