Greetings Buzzards. This is a Survey.


The Pedal Bar runs daily. Start times are the odd hours from 9am to 9 pm. Weekend (F/S/S) rates are higher than weekday rates. These are BYO events and so fit our M.O. very well. The routes seem pretty flexible so we should have some control over out destiny.

The club has generously offered to subsidize an event for members (i.e. those who have paid their dues) & guests.


Our rates are:

Weekday event BUZZ Member > $10, Guest -> $20
Weekend event BUZZ Member > $15, Guest -> $25

A minimum of 10 riders will be required. A maximum of 15 riders is allowed. So we will need reservations.


What is your preference?

O Weekday
O Wed
O Thu
O 5:00 pm
O 7:00 pm
O 9:00 pm
O Other: _______________

O Weekend
O Sat
O sun
O 3:00 pm
O 5:00 pm
O 7:00 pm
O 9:00 pm
O Other: _______________

Questions, comments or suggestions:

Thanks for your participation.