Hello Again Buzzards ,

We had quite the meeting this past week. We need to thank Greg many times over for the very fun and informative tour of Triptych's new production facility, The Memery! Very beautiful, well thought out space. I wish them the best of luck with all future brews and expansions in the future.

  1. Judging Class - For those who are interested in becoming a judge before next year's BUZZ Brew Competition, our VP Adam will be setting up something soon. And of course this judging certification is more useful than just the one event. Many other towns nearby host their own competitions and most are willing to supply dinner and a place to stay for volunteering (and sometimes even more benefits). Another reason why being a judge can be beneficial, is it can only help with evaluating your own brews and that should translate into higher quality beer.

  2. Club Shirts - Jackson brought the club shirts this past meeting! They turned out great (Thanks Jackson!). There are plenty of extra T-shirts floating around that can be purchased anytime in the future for new or existing members. At the time of the meeting, it seemed most people had not paid for their shirts. Personally I paid for mine at the meeting, it's that easy through PayPal. Please make sure you pay Mattox as soon as possible. mattox@beckman-park.net is the email to pay to.

  3. Club Tasting Glasses - We voted on which logo to utilize for the Tasting Glasses. We decided to go for the T-shirt logo, and not the work shirt logo, mostly because everyone has access to the T-shirt moving forward and it will be nice to have a matching set. I personally plan on getting the ball rolling on that early next week. I hope them to be in our hands by next meeting.

  4. Grain Buy - El Presidente, Tim S., has been in conversation with a few potential places to obtain a bulk buy from. As of right now, nothing is set in stone, but it appears we might be getting a bulk buy of some unique Base Malts.

  5. Competition Coordinator - Jackson mentioned he would be willing to head up the coordinator position, but that is not set 100% yet. It is a Board Position that has nothing to do for months, then suddenly a lot of moving pieces all at once. If anyone knows they will have free time later in the year and is willing to help out, please be in contact with us.

  6. GPO/BUZZ Brew - Ended up being a smaller, more intimate setting, but everyone seemed to have a great time. We will be tasting/voting on the beers from this event at the November Meeting. Jackson also added, don't feel restricted to only giving the GPO girls a growler fill. Feel free to give as many growlers/bottles to them as you feel. If at all possible, we are trying to get some of them to come to future meetings, so the more we can interest them with their own beers the better!

  7. Used Corny Kegs - One of our members, Clint, has came across several homebrew Corny Kegs. They have been sitting idle for many years, and are still sticky with soda syrup. I would recommend a heavy soap soaking, and probably new o-rings etc, but Clint said they were still holding pressure when he found them. He will be sending out a follow up email with more detailed information soon. He said they are going for $30 each.

  8. Barrel Aging Program - Bryan is doing some research ahead of time for places to potentially obtain a barrel and looking for members who would be willing to go in and be partial owners of said barrel. We don't exactly want to have a situation come up where someone expects the barrel back at the end, but if that's how we have to obtain one, so be it. Bryan is open to suggestions on where to find a barrel from.

  9. Dues - Mattox has a PayPal account set up for accepting Dues this year. Just click the link at the bottom of our website http://www.buzzbrewclub.org The cost is $10.60 and this not only goes to helping fund many of our programs, such as the annual competition, but it also obtains us insurance for all the members. The insurance is huge because it is what allows us to have our events at the wonderful breweries such as Triptych and Riggs without them being liable. Without this, our club would be virtually dead in the water. Please pay your Dues as soon as possible everyone!

  10. Next Happy Hour and Meeting - Our Next happy hour will be coming up on November 24th, at Collective Pour 340 N. Neil St, Suite 101 Champaign, IL. Just down from KO Fusion, in the same parking lot. They offer 60 taps and some food as well. The Happy Hour starts at 6:30. Next months meeting will be held at Riggs on 11/01. The meeting is at 7pm. Greg also mentioned, starting next year we might be able to use the triptych tap room (their original location) as the typical location to hold meetings. We have to wait and see how the construction goes for finishing building out the bar now that they have sold and moved out all their old equipment.

  11. Mead Presentation - Ryan, one of our members as well as a bee keeper, put on a presentation for how he makes Meads. He talked about the process of collecting the honey, all the way up to which yeasts work better than others and what chemicals he utilizes. Very informative and fun with good props. Thanks a lot Ryan!

Written and sent by Eric Bushell