Buzz Brew Meeting Notes for October 2015

HAPPY HOUR – Blind Pig, Thursday, October 15th @6 pm.

Next Meeting Thursday, November 5th @ 7:00 pm at Triptych Brewing Co.

Future meeting topics:

November – Greg Imperial IPA
December – Tim – European Sour Beers
January – Jesse – American IPA
February – Jackson – English Bitters

Thanks to Maddox for the mead presentation

The club will fund up to $30 for materials for a meeting topic.


Competition – We have volunteers for the coordinator position – Jess and Megan. They are new to the process so we will be looking for others with competition experience to fill in the open spots – Prize coordinator, Judge coordinator, Head steward, and Food wrangler are some of the positions remaining to be filled.

New Business

Group Grain Buy –Triptych has offered to allow us to piggy back on their next grain buy. Anthony will post the grains available on the forum. Please work with other club members to split bags if you only want a partial bag. The order will be set at the next meeting. Check the forum.

Dues – If you have not paid your dues, please do so at the next meeting. This money offsets the cost of insuring the club and allows us to meet at Triptych. It also supports other club activities and functions.

Web Page Management – We are looking for a web aware individual to update and manage the club website. If you have the skills and interest, please let me know at .

Open Pre-business Meeting – In an effort to streamline the business side of the meeting, there will be an open meeting beginning at 6:15 on the normal meeting night. This meeting is open to anyone interested in attending. It will be held in the tasting room at Triptych.

Good brewing to all until next month.