May Meeting Notes

May Meeting Notes  

  By: _timbossenbroek on May 5, 2018, 4:36 p.m.

a. Saturday, June 9. place is still TBD, but we do have a back up if all else fails.
b. Sign up steward or judge if you are able. (see "register" tab at the top of the page.)
c. Entree registration will be 05/21/2018 through 06/02/2018
d. Drop off will be at Friar tuck's 05/24/2018 through 06/05/2018
e. Bill Artz will host the Judge's social on Friday night, June 8. Details will follow, but plan to bring a side and beer. (704 Yalow, Champaign)
f. Stewards: Dennis and Yukiko will be the head stewards. We have several signed up but could use 2 or 3 more.
g. Matt is rounding up prizes for the raffle, which Ian will oversee the day of.
h. Judges: Jackson is the coordinator. Contact him if you can host a judge for the weekend. If you are a judge, please register soon.
i. Brian an Clint are in charge of food on Saturday.

Judging Class
a. We will meet as often as possible on Sunday afternoons before the competition.
b. Off flavor tasting - May 20: We will order an off flavor kit to sharpen our palettes before the competition. Space is limited to 12, judges first, then those who have been attending the tasting classes, but there should be room for a few others.
c. Contact Jackson if you want to participate in either.

Water Chemistry - Brian got the analysis done and it was close to what he had from a couple of years ago. see attached. Here are some of the results. they are quite different from what I had in ( ).
Ca 16 (35)
Mg 14 (45)
Na 58 (35)
SO4 <1
Cl 21 (2.5)
HCO3 226 (120)

Presentation: Jackson presented on Belgian Blondes and Golden Strongs.

Happy hour: May 16, 6:00. place tbd, whoever hosts the competition.

Next Meeting: June 21st (because of the competition) @ 25 O'Clock Brewery (208 W Griggs St, Urbana, IL 61801. Park in the lot north of the brewery. Enter off Race between the RR tracks and the Boneyard creek). Presentation - Brewery tour.

Re: May Meeting Notes  

  By: _timbossenbroek on May 5, 2018, 4:38 p.m.

Here is the water chemistry report