Hi all,

Ross from Land Locked Hops reached out to me to let me know that this weekend they are harvesting Chinook hops Saturday, August 25th from 7am to when they are done (probably before 2pm). Anyone who is interested in watching hops get harvested or purchasing hops straight from the harvester at $0.50 per ounce (equivalent to $2/oz dry) is welcome to attend. They requested that we give them a head count and that we bring something breathable to put the hops in and a cooler to keep them cold on the way back to CU.

They expect it to be fairly busy as it's their first harvest. However if someone can't make it by 2, please let Ross know so he can make the necessary arrangements to keep them cool until you get there.

They will be picking Comet next weekend, but the availability of that is unknown as a Chicago brewery is interested in the entire harvest.

Please RVSP here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
If you are willing to drive others, please indicate as such. Carpools should be coordinated by the riders and drivers themselves. I'm not sure of what time you should arrive to ensure that you get to see the actual harvesting, but to play it safe I'd say arrive before noon.

Land Locked Hops Address:
252 N. 00 East Rd,
Loda, Illinois 60948

Takes ~40 minutes from downtown Champaign

General questions:

Are there any concerns with us bringing homebrew or beer out there?
Bring all the beer or homebrew that you want. We have a regular sized fridge and will have coolers out there for cold storage if need.

Should we bring our own chairs?
We have chairs, but I have no idea how many people are coming, so it might not be a bad idea to throw in an extra.

What is the recommended timeframe to brew with these? (I assume if we can't brew in that range, that we should dry them out asap)
Regarding brewing (and I am not expert), I would suggest getting these in a kettle or fermentation bucket or carboy as soon as possible (within an hour would be best). These hops can be used as the boil addition, but in my opinion, using fresh hops as a boil addition wastes a lot of the fresh aroma (and you can get a bittering charge from hops that are 3 years old). If you want to get the most flavor and aroma, i would suggest using them at flameout, in the whirlpool, or dry hopping.

If you have any questions about getting there, please let me know.

If you have questions concerning the actual harvest, hops or anything else Land Locked Hops, contact Ross.