Homebrew competition - June 9th
Went over really well. Lots of positive feedback from judges.
145 beers, meads and ciders judged in 15 categories over 3 days.
12 Judges
2 head stewards
6 staff

Dennis said that ALL of the judges’ comments regarding the stewards were very positive.

Best of Show:
1st to Dean Wiencsh German Exportbier
2nd to Patty McGuire and Melissa Hiller w/ a belgian dubbel
3rd to Adam Smith with a cider

BUZZ members took home 16 category medals out of 45 possible medals:
Clint Harris - Silver Pale / Blonde American
Caleb Yarrington - Gold - Amber/Dark German
Jackson Fliss -Bronze - English Ales
Tim Schilling Bronze - Scottish / Irish Ales
Lawrence Bolton - Bronze - Am. Pale
Pastor Tim - Silver and Bronze - Belgian Ales
Larry Bolton - Gold - Historical, Alt Fermentables, Smoke & Wood
Ian Edwards - Silver - "...."
Larry Bolton - Gold and Bronze - American Wild
Jackson Fliss - Gold - Mead
Maggie Wachter - Bronze - Mead
And a sweep in Cider:
Adam Smith - Gold
Ian Edwards - Silver
Clint Cissell - Bronze

Off flavor testing was useful for the competition. We will be doing it again in the future.

Monarch Brewing visit
- Possibly Sunday afternoon/evening. Look for an email from Jackson.

Barrel - Racked off the Brown (cider) in the last week of May.
- Pump worked amazing, only took 45 minutes to rack out of the barrel.
- We will be creating a pipeline of beers and having people sign up and potentially chip in to purchase the barrel.
- Jackson will follow-up with Anthony about the rum barrel.

Pig Daze - Saturday 6/23 @ 11am, Blind Pig on Neil St.
- Psychedelic celebration of summer, beer and local art.
- Official release of their Imperial Stout with coffee from Columbia Roastery.

Riggsfest 6/28-7/1
- Beer, live music, food trucks, drone, horses, farmers and much more.

Club merchandise
- Eric will look into getting tasting glasses
- Jackson is looking into shirts

Club big brew social with Girls Pint Out
- Looking at the month of September for the date.
- Jackson will be handling the initial phase of planning and location scouting.

July meeting is on 7/19 @ Riggs
-Moved due to the 4th of July.

July Happy Hour - 7/11 @ 6PM Icehouse