Buzz Brew Meeting Notes for July 2015

As a courtesy to the Triptych customers, please park at the dentist office to the north when you come for meetings. Thank you.

HAPPY HOUR – Triptych Patio, Thursday July 16th @6 pm. Last of BUZZ Barleywine will be on.

Next Meeting Thursday, August 6th @ 7:00 pm at Triptych Brewing Co.

Future meeting topics:

August: Irish
September: Pale Malty European Lagers

Thanks to Tim for the Saison presentation

The club will fund up to $30 for materials for a meeting topic.


Club Library – It has begun. There are a variety of books currently available for check out. A process, a storage cart and a librarian are in the process. If anyone would like to handle the management of the library, please let Tim know. The duties would include creating a list of materials available and lightly monitoring the checkout process. We would like to make this as much of an honor process as possible.

Triptych Appreciation Work Day –The work day was well attended and appreciated.

Abnormal Brewers Competition - The Bloomington club is having their annual competition on July 25th. If you are interested in judging or assisting as a steward contact them through their website: Joel is going over to judge and would be willing to provide transportation for as many as will fit in his car. Check the forum for more info.

Judging – The question of developing a pool of sanctioned judges within the club has become a hot topic and will be discussed again at the next meeting. Please check out the BJCP website to become familiar with the process.

New Business

Triptych Appreciation Work Day –The next date for this has been set for August 9th @ 9 am. A project list will be presented at the next meeting.

Officers – Election of officers for 2015 and 2016 will be at the September meeting. If you are interested in taking on a position, please be sure to toss you hat in the ring at the next meeting or as late as the election meeting. Sharing the load makes the work easier. Positions available are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2016 Competition – We are beginning the process to put our core group of volunteers together for the 2016 competition. More info to come regarding individual positions and date of the competition.

Web Page Management – We are looking for a web aware individual to update and manage the club website. If you have the skills and interest, please let me know at .

Open Pre-business Meeting – In an effort to streamline the business side of the meeting, there will be an open meeting beginning at 6:15 on the normal meeting night. This meeting is open to anyone interested in attending. It will be held in the tasting room at Triptych.

Good brewing to all until next month.