Hey Buzzards, here are the July meeting notes:

1) Rum barrel - we will be giving the barrel back to triptych. We can keep the rack until they ask for it. There are no plans as of yet to start a new project. If anyone would like to be our new Cooper (person in charge of group brews and barrel projects) please let Tim know.

2) Logo - We are looking for the logo we used the last time we ordered beer glasses. I will contact Marco, Mark K. Will look for Joe's contact. Is there anyone able to do graphic designing?

3) Tasting glasses - We voted on whether to order Belgian or Pilsner tasting glasses. We decided on the Belgians for $2.10 a piece. Once we find or design a good logo, we will order 50. These will be used at our meetings instead of the plastic cups.

4) Shirts - once we find/design the logo, we will also take orders for shirts. The general consensus seemed to be that we wanted to order something nicer than just an ordinary t-shirt, perhaps a work shirt with a collar.

5) Girls pint out big brew will meet at someone's house. Stay posted for details.

6) Officers. Tim S. is willing to continue as President. We will need a new VP as Jackson will be finishing his degree, and a new Secretary. We need to hear from Mattox if he is willing to continue as treasurer. We will add a new position: Cooper - the organizer of club brewing and barrel projects. Please consider volunteering for one of these positions. Tim will provide more information soon. We will hold elections in September.

7) Grain buy: Several are interested in a new grain buy. Tim will contact Triptych.

Happy hour 6:30 pm on Wednesday, August 15 at Collective Pour in Champaign. This is a new bar next to the Orpheum children's museum (the parking lot north north of Main on Neil).

9) Next meeting: August 2 at 25 O'clock.

10) Ross from Landlocked Hops, a new local hop producer, told us about their new farm and production facilities. They will be harvesting several varieties soon and could possibly host a group of us to come help harvest and maybe do a group brew on sight with fresh hops. Landlocked Hops will be able to offer us fresh hops while most hops available to home brewers are from the previous year's They planted 2 Michigan varieties this year that feature tropical and stone fruit aromas that should be available next year. If you would be interested in planting hops yourself, they have several varieties of rhizomes available for free. Contact Ross@landlockedhops.com if interested. Thanks for the presentation, Ross.

11) Greg gave a presentation on sweet and milk stouts. Thanks, Greg.