Here are the notes from Thursday's meeting:

1) Rum barrel - Needs 2 or more weeks. What's going in next is still undecided.

2) Water Chemistry - Mattox will check with the municipal supplier to see if there might be any differences for various areas in CU. Bryan has volunteered to submit a sample for a water chem report after Mattox contacts the supplier.

3) Yeast Presentation 1/6/2018 (today) at 5pm. The presentation starts at 5:30, but they have been advertising this event outside of our club, so it's a good idea to get there early. The presenter is Dr. Jason Ridlon who is a microbiologist and Tom Sheelan from 25 O'Clock brewing. The topics covered will be proper starters, cell counts and role of oxygen in fermentation. There will be a Q&A afterwards.

4) If anyone knows a chef that would be interested in giving a talk on beer & food pairings, please contact Tim S.

5) Judging class 1/21 at Tim Schilling's house. Time is TBA as the barrel project may be on the same day -> Mattox will be picking up the beers and choosing the style.

6) Jan Mid-month happy hour will be 1/17/2018 at 6pm at Triptych.

7) February meeting will be 2/1 @ 7pm. Tim P will be presenting Czech Lagers.

Finally, we should start planning for our annual homebrew competition. We are looking for the following positions:
Competition Coordinators (general planning, organization): Tim B + 1 other
Judge Coordinators (finding judges): Jackson + 1 other
Registrar: Mattox
Food Wrangler (breakfast and lunch): 1 if catering, 2 or 3 if making ourselves (last year we did sandwiches and salads)
Swag Wrangler (finding prizes for the competition): 1 person
Head Steward: Caleb