The morning of the Happy Hour meeting this month, I will be getting some fresh wild hops brought to me. They have been tested and are a strain called Virginia. These will be free to anyone who is willing to use them quickly (while they're still fresh) and to give a detailed report about how they were used and the tasting notes. The guy who is donating them is wondering if he should keep growing this variety, or if he should plant a new batch next year. I am only getting about 15 lbs, so it will be first to sign up gets them. If you aren't able to get to the Happy Hour meeting, I'll keep them at Friar Tuck over the weekend. Any leftovers will be used in a few of my batches, but I would like multiple people to be able to utilize these and have several viewpoints for the farmer! Please sign up via this Google Docs link!

Thanks, Eric Bushell ... p=drivesdk