BUZZ Meeting Notes
February 7, 2019
Old Business:
1. Dues: Please pay your dues ($10.60) if you haven’t already. Follow the link to PayPal at the bottom of the BUZZ website Dues are used to cover liability insurance costs and other club expenses.
2. BUZZ T-shirts – Contact Jackson if you would like to purchase one or more. They are $8 each. Pay Mattox Beckman through PayPal. Make sure to select “sending to a friend” to avoid extra charges.
3. BUZZ Glasses – Contact Tim, if you would like a BUZZ tasting glass (limit 2 per member). $4 each. Pay Mattox (see above)
4. Barrel Project: From Bryan (see his email):
Bryan will be going go get a Wild Turkey 101 or Buffalo Trace barrel in Louisville, KY once we get enough people signed up and have brewed. We decided on a Russian Imperial Stout. The cost is $150, to be split between the participants in the barrel program. Ideally we need 2 more people. If you are interested in being involved in the barrel program, please sign up at ... p=drivesdk Don't forget to make a note of your barrel preference.
5. Boneyard Brewoff:
a. Competition coordinator: Larry
b. Judge Coordinator – Adam / Jackson
c. Swag Wrangler – Tim S.
d. Food Wrangler – Bryan
e. Registrar – Mattox
f. Head Steward –Yukiko
g. We are looking at June 8 or 15, and at 25 O’Clock and Triptych to host.
6. Judging Class – Next meeting will be February 10, at Jackson’s. Strong American Ales.

New Business
1. Happy Hour and Lab Tour: February 20
6:30 – Tour of the Nuclear Physics lab (Center for Palsma-Material Interactions) with Dan Andruczy-We will put directions on the sign up sheet.
7:15 ish Happy Hour at 25 O’Clock: 208 W. Griggs, U.
Sign up for the tour: ... edit#gid=0
2. Next Meeting: March 7 @ the Triptych Memery (order a beer in the tasting room and walk on over to the brewing facility)
3. April Meeting: April 4 @ the Triptych Memery
Presentation: Thanks to Tim S. for his presentation on Scottish Ales.