We will meet at Destihl in April and at 25 O'Clock in June.
Please make note of this.

March and May meetings will still be at Riggs.

BUZZ Meeting Notes: 2/1/2018
Old Business
1. Yeast Presentation: 25 O’Clock invited us to a yeast presentation last month. Several members attended. They will be setting up a yeast bank that we can draw from.
2. Rum Barrel: The cider was moved out of the Rum Barrel. A brown will be going in soon.
3. Pump Purchase: A motion to buy a self-priming pump (~$200) to use for barrel and other projects passed. A show of hands indicated a commitment to continue the barrel project, purchasing a second one when this one is finished. Participants will be expected to pay extra to help cover the cost of the pump
4. Water chemistry: Brian received a 2016 Brewing Water analysis from the Champaign Water district. The 2017 will be out in a couple of months. Brian will purchase a kit to test the water ourselves.
5. BUZZ Brew Off: The date for the brew off was set for June 9. Please contact Tim Bossenbroek (tbossenbroek@gmail.com) with contacts or ideas for a competition site, or if you would be willing to volunteer for one of the key positions, or to be an assistant to one of the key positions:
a. Competition Coordinator: Tim Bossenbroek; Assistant:
b. Judge Coordinator: Jackson Fliss; Assistant:
c. Registrar: Mattox Beckman Assistant:
d. Head Steward: Dennis Assistant:
e. Swag Wrangler: Matt Moharan Assistant:
f. Food Wrangler: ? Assistant:

New Business
1. Happy Hour: Wednesday, February 21, 6:00 pm @ Crane Alley
2. March Meeting: Thursday, March 1, 7:00 pm @ Riggs
3. Spent Grains: Blue Cabboose Farm would like your spent grains. The farmer in in Champaign until 5 Mon-Sat. Contact Tim Schilling if interested - schilling711@gmail.com
4. April Meeting: We will meet at Desthil in Champaign. The will give a presentation on food pairing and one on sour beers.
5. May Meeting: @ Riggs
6. June Meeting: @ 25 O’Clock brewing
7. Monarch Brewing Co.: Jackson will organize a club visit sometime after February
8. Presentation: Tim Prescott gave a presentation on Czech Lagers.