BUZZ minutes – 12/6/18

What you really want to know:
• December Happy Hour: 12/19 at 6ish at Collective Pour.

• January Happy Hour: 1/9 at 6:30 at Crane Alley

• January Meeting: 1/24 (so as not to conflict with New Year’s celebrations and travels) 7:00 at Attie’s Bar and Grill at the Stone Creek golf course: 2600 S Stone Creek Blvd, Urbana.

• The Winter Solstice Party is tonight, 7:00 at Adam Smith’s, 1807 Benodot St. Champaign. Take a look at what is being brought and bring some more or something different. !

What you really missed if you weren’t there:

• Nate Parsons, a local homebrewer, gave a presentation on his new brewing software, Ale Archive: Ale Archive is meant for brewers who want something fairly simple and basic, but useful that can work on several platforms (laptop, phone, etc.). It is web-based and has several modules (Ingredients, inventory, recipes, brew session, packaging …) The first five recipes are free. The normal price is $25 for 50 recipes (no time limit for those of us who don’t brew often) and $5 more for each additional 50. There is a limited time offer of $15 for a lifetime subscription. If you talk to Nate,, he would be willing to sign you up for free if you will give him good feedback on the program. Also, check out his Beer Nerd Shirts website for the perfect gift for your favorite homebrewer and/or craft beer lover. Thanks for a great presentation, Nate.

Club Business

  1. Dues: Please pay your dues if you have not already. Click on the Buy Now button at the bottom of the BUZZ web page: They are $10.60. Members are eligible to participate in club brews, grain buys, etc. and we also buy liability insurance to protect our hosts and our officers.

  2. Shirts: Contact Jackson Fliss if you haven’t picked up your work shirt yet and/or if you want to purchase a T-Shirt. Don’t forget to pay Mattox:

  3. Tasting glasses should be arriving soon and we will hand them out at our next meeting

  4. Grain buy: It went well. Please contact Brian to pick up your grain. If you don’t we can expect an imperial lager sometime in the near future.

  5. The meeting format committee is still discussing options. They do want to include more opportunity of critical feedback for those who would like it. If you would like specific feedback on a beer, contact Adam Smith and he will bring it to the judging class.

  6. The Learn to Homebrew Day at Triptych went well with 3 BUZZ members and 4 others. Because of time issues, Triptych gave everyone first instead of second runnings.

  7. Barrel Project: Bryan is still looking into options.

  8. Eric Bushell will be moving to Bloomington / Normal to start at the new Desthil brewery as a packaging operator. Thanks, Eric for your stint as secretary. We look forward to a tour in the near future.

  9. Tim Bossenbroek, yours truly, agreed to be and was voted in as the newish secretary.