Buzz Brew Meeting Notes for
December 2014

HAPPY HOUR – Quality – Thursday, December 18th @ 6:00PM
Joe’s Brewery, Thursday, January 8th @ 6:00 PM

Next Meeting Thursday, January 22nd @ 7:00 pm at a Paco Office Supply


Future meeting topics:

January: Strong British Ale - Lyle
February: American IPA - Greg
March: American Porter and Stout - Neil
April: Pale Bitter European Lager (Kolsch, export, pilsner) - Jackson
Month?: Cider - Justin H.
The club will fund up to $30 for materials for a meeting topic.

Thanks to Dennis for his presentation.


Buzz Competition – The competition is becoming a hot topic. We still have a few committee spots open for the competition.

If you would like to help with the Brewoff on (or before) Jan. 15, please contact Rich or me If you plan on judging or stewarding please go to the website and complete the volunteer form. The site should be up 12/26.

Here is a list of opportunities:
Prize Coordinator (contact breweries, etc. and ask for items for our raffle to cover cost of the competition) - The prize coordinator is responsible for contacting vendors for raffle prizes to be presented at the competition. Emails and letters to local and national beer oriented companies requesting donations of product.

Steward (help organize the day by supplying judges with proper beers, water, bread, etc.)
Judge Host (If you have a spare bed/couch/room for an out of town judge, let us know)
Judge (If you think you have the experience to be a judge, talk with us)
Assistant Food Wrangler (help organize the Friday night judge's party and the party after the brewoff on Saturday)
Assistant Judge Coordinator (Help the judge coordinator contact and house the judges) The judge coordinator is responsible for contacting local judges and requesting their assistance at our competition.

People that have held these positions in the past are excellent resources for information. Please let Rich know if you are able to fill any of these positions.

The dates for the competition are - online registration Dec 26 – Jan 6th, accepting entries Jan 2nd – Jan 13th, and the competition Jan 17th. All competition activities will be held at Triptych Brewing Company. We will be updating the competition website up by the end of November. We are considering dropping the High Gravity category from the competition. Time considerations, protection of the judge’s liver, and promoting responsible drinking are the leading factors.

Big Brew Returns with a twist – The big brew happened and with the expected bumps associated with brewing all went well. Wort was distributed.

Grain Purchase – Grain has been received and will be distributed to those with orders.

New Business

Chairs Purchased – In an effort to establish ourselves at Pacos, the club has purchased 20 chairs from Tim’s church. They will be stored in the back room along with our other meeting supplies.

Open Pre-business Meeting – In an effort to streamline the business side of the meeting, there will be an open meeting beginning at 6:15 on the normal meeting night. This meeting is open to anyone interested in attending. It will be held in the tasting room at Triptych.

Good brewing to all until next month.