Hi BUZZards. I've been recently talking with the organizers of the local Girls Pint Out and they seem interested in doing some future cross over events as a way for some of their members to learn more about making beer and also for us to gain some fresh faces.

In particular, we are going to organize a joint big brew day. BUZZ members all meet at some location to brew the same pre-agreed-upon recipe, with GPO members assisting/learning. Ideally we will match a GPO member with a brewer and they can discuss how they want to finish the beer to make it their own (e.g. dry-hopping, wood-aging, leaving it out in a clear carboy in the sun, etc.). At a later BUZZ meeting, we will have a general BUZZ+GPO meet & greet and the finished beers can be sampled and discussed.

Right now the tentative date for this is the weekend of Sept. 15 or 16, with the following meet and greet happening at our November meeting.

There a few things that need to happen if this is going to happen.
1) I need to get a count of how many homebrewers want to participate in this. In a perfect world, we can get 5-10 of us to come brew (or optimistically, more?), with a mix of both extract and all-grain brewers. If this sounds like your thing, please sign up in this google sheet:
2) We need some recipe suggestions. Something simple and open to tinkering with on the back-end. Please provide both extract and all-grain variations if possible. It would be nice to get ~5 beer styles suggested and then interested GPO members can vote on their favorite. I've got a recipe suggestion sheet started here:
3) We should brainstorm a location. In a pinch, someone with a large driveway will work. If you have suggestions let me know.

I will be bringing this up and discussing other details at the August meeting, but if you have additional questions, let me know (my email is barleyrat@gmail.com). I'm excited about this and other future events with our neighbor craft beer enthusiasts. Sign up to brew and add a recipe!