1) Logo - We are looking to get shirts and glasses printed with a logo. We have not been able to locate a file of the previos logo we used, so if you have any ideas or know of someone who could design one for us, contact Jackson asap ( barleyrat@gmail.com ). If we don't find someone to design our logo soon, he will work with the t-shrit company to do so. He will see if we can use a logo of their design for other things (glasses, etc.)

2) BUZZ Shirts: Jackson will send out a poll asking if we print t-shirts and or work shirts if you would by one or the other or both. T-shirts will cost about $8, a work shirt will cost about $30. We will need a certain number confirmbed to order the work shirts

3) Club Brew with Girls Pint Out: On September 15 or 16 5-10 BUZZ members will team up with GPO members to brew together. We will use the same recipe, but then each team can tweak it with other ingredients in the fermentation. GPO members will pay $5 to participate, BUZZ will match this and each brewer will then receive this money to offset ingredient costs. At our November meeting we will have a joint meeting (meet and greet) with GPO and sample all the beers.
To do's:
a) sign up here if you want to participate. We need 4 or 5 more ideally.
b) submit a recipe here. GPO will vote on these choices. Try to think of something fairly simple, doable both as all grain and extract, yet versatile so people can have fun tweaking it.
c) We need a venue for the brew day. Contact Jackson ( barleyrat@gmail.com ) if you are able to host.

4) Grain buy - no update

5) Officer Elections next meeting:
President: Tim S. is willing to stay on as President, but if anyone is interested, please let us know.
VP: Jackson is stepping down, Adam has volunteered
Secretary: Tim B. is stepping down, Eric has volunteered
Treasurer: Still waiting to hear from Mattox.
Cooper (new position): No nominees. see description below
Comptetition Coordinator: No nominees see description below

6) Happy Hour: 6:00 pm August 15 at Adam's 1807 Benodot St., Champaign

7) October meeting: stay tuned for venue

September meeting: 7:00 pm @ Rigg's

Position descriptions

Manage barrel project brews
Coordinate purchase and sale of used barrels
Coordinate summer, winter and judges social.
Assist with other large club events that come up (you will not be in charge of them, but will help people run their own events)
Competition Coordinator
Note there is a manual with a full description of how to coordinate a competition and Tim B. will help you out
Find people to be in charge of key positions: Judge coordinator, food wrangler, Head steward, Registrar. You can delegate more responsibility as you see fit.
Make sure competition organizers are on top of their duties
With key people and club officers, set a date.
Find location for the competition
Find a place to receive entries if competition location cannot do so
Help Judge coordinator and Head Steward recruit volunteers.
Order medals and BOS plaque if needed (we have plenty of medals for another 2 years of so, we will need to order BOS plaque(s)).
Register the competition with BJCP and promote it with other known clubs
Make all needed copies (judging forms, name tags, waivers, etc.)
Arrange time with head steward and registrar to receive and organize entries
Mail out awards
File report with BJCP (make sure judges and stewards and volunteers are awarded the right points, number of entries, etc.)