Here is an email form Jeff at Destihl. I tried loading pictures, but it didn't work. Maybe they were too big. Email me if you want to see them:

Hey Tim so here's the list
1 full fridge corny kegerator, interior demensions are 27 1/2 in tall 23 1/2 inches wide and 18 inches deep. has one tap and fits three cornykegs and a co2 tank. it also has a freezer all the fittings are included $350

1 mini fridge that I used to ferment in. dimensions are 19 1/2 in tall 17 in wide and 14 in deep. fits a standard brew bucket with a blow off hose. i would like to keep the temperature controller i use with it but if its a deal breaker i may be able to part with it -50$

3, ball lock corny kegs one of them needs new o rings and the other 2 could probably use them soon $30 each

1 five pound aluminum co2 tank with regulator. regulator has has fittings to run to 2 corny kegs and could easily be modified to do the third $80

I can send pictures tonight maybe not in time for the meeting but they can go on the forum.
if someone wants everything together ill do an even 500 instead of 570 also I'll throw in some beer for who ever gets anything.

I can be contacted on this email and by phone at 908-328-8123

Thank you so much for your help.

Jeff McGuire