This topic came up at our recent meeting and I said I would share a link to a very good drill for milling your grains on a Cereal Killer or similar mill. The key to a great crush on these mills is getting the appropriate speed of around 300RPM out of the drill. The problem with majority of the drills we own is that they are designed for high speed drilling and while they can turn at a lower speed without any resistance, they can often struggle to deal with the torque required to mill grains. This leads to a build up of heat which is ultimately the number 1 killer of drills.

To solve this, I have purchased a high torque, 1/2 inch heavy duty drill from Harbor Freight:

The SKU 63116 is the model I wanted with a trigger lock and adjustable trigger pull, but they did not have it so I settled for 63112 (same price and what they carry in the Urbana store) that just has a normal variable speed drill trigger. Remember that Harbor Freight always has a 20% or more off a single item coupon available online that they will scan off of your phone.

Changing to this new drill has really made a big difference in how smoothly my grinds have gone recently. I highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to mill their own grains at home. Also, a gap gauge from Amazon is an inexpensive and great tool to have to test your mill gap, I do it before every milling to keep my results consistent.